Want to have sex in your electric car? Here are the best sex positions to try!

Want to have sex in your electric car? Here are the best sex positions to try!

Electric cars are sexy. They look cool, they don’t pollute, and they make you feel like James Bond.

But how do you go from zero to sixty with your new love in less than five seconds?

In this article, I’m going to share with you 5 sex positions you can do in your little French electric vehicle.

Prepare for a porno francais cause we are going to make you do things only a pornstar would do.

These will help you enjoy your ride even more, and increase your chances of having a happy ending.

Here are our favorite 5 sexual positions to try on your little French electric vehicle

No, the car doesn’t have to be French. Just most people I know have a French electric vehicle.

For many teens, cars have a little bit of sexual history as they’ve been a place where many of them had their first sexual encounters.

Some people even enjoy car sex. It can be awkward at times, but also exciting because of the intimacy of the situation.

And after all, there’s a thrill you feel when you know you could be caught.

With all that being said. Let’s have fun and go through our favorite 5 sex positions to try in your electric vehicle.

Road head – we start with a classic

We couldn’t talk about the most effective ways to spice things up during road trips without discussing oral.

When one person lies down on top of the stick shift and performs oral on the driver, it’s called Road Head.

It’s a classic, but it’s risky – but cool and fun and can definitely improve your sexual experience.

You can be arrested for giving someone a blowjob while you’re driving. Be careful when doing so.

Missionary in the backseats of your car

If you want to get into some good old-fashioned missionary style, then go ahead and get in the back seat of the vehicle and start doing it right there!

It’s easy and fun, plus you don’t need any props. Just be sure to leave enough space between the seats so that you don’t hurt yourselves when doing it.

A little something called The Love Seat

The Love Seat is when one person sits on another person’s penis while they’re in the driver’s seat or the passenger seat. You are both facing the same way and the moves are similar to a lap-dancing move.

For people who have a two-door car, this is one of their best sexual positions. After all, the limited room makes it difficult for them to actually do most of the other ones on this page.

The always popular Doggy style

Doggy style is one of the best sexual positions, but what most people aren’t aware of is that it’s very easy to perform in many vehicles.

While you may not have enough room to do this in a coupé or a sports car, this is an excellent position for bigger cars like vans.

Spooning face to face

If you’re lucky enough to have a well-endowed lover and a spacious back seat, then one of the best ways to enjoy some good old-fashioned romance in your vehicle is by doing the “spooning” position.

It’s not easy to do in small vehicles, but it’s certainly doable in most situations.

Our final thoughts on the best sex positions in an electric vehicle

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a new position to spice up your relationship, why not take advantage of the extra space inside your car?

There’s nothing like being able to stretch out and enjoy each others’ company without worrying about traffic or parking.

And since most cars have enough room for two adults, you might even find yourself enjoying a little alone time too!