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To date, Axon has produced five composite vehicles ranging from 500kg R&D cars to OEM technology demonstrators. The lightest car body-in-white structure produced so-far weighed 50kg and was designed to fulfil EU crash requirements.

Axon does:

•    Design, analyse and manufacture complete vehicle bodies and sub-assemblies

•    Develop the vehicle package itself or work with a customer's engineers and designers to utilise an existing package layout. Working within the bounds of the package, composite structures can be developed to fulfil all requirements.

•    Apply a concurrent engineering approach to material and manufacturing requirements to ensure optimal structures are produced using patented AxontexTM beam technology

•    Produce affordable structures and sub-assemblies with substantial mass savings over conventional steel and aluminium alternatives.

•    Axon carries out vehicle structure prototyping from component manufacture through to vehicle assembly and inspection. All tooling and assembly fixtures are designed in house.

•    The majority of Axon's production processing is through infusion-based methods although out-of-autoclave systems are used too. 

•    Axon has recently developed a demonstration volume-production manufacturing cell for automotive components. 

•    Axon personnel have the knowledge and experience to set up for series production.


Ever increasing use of composites in the aerospace and automotive sectors has focussed much effort on the development of finite element analysis (FEA) methods for analysing structures and simulating their physical response to stress, deformation and temperature.  The complex geometry of vehicle structures together with advanced material properties and architectures (type of fibre and resin, number of plies, fibre orientation and so on) collectively present a challenge to design optimised composite structures for stiffness, strength, fatigue, noise, vibration, harshness (NVH), crashworthiness and other design requirements.   
Simulation plays a critical part in the product engineering process at Axon Automotive. We use FEA to simulate products for optimum structural integrity, reliability, performance, ease of manufacture and minimal cost.  Our approach has helped to expedite the design process by bringing our products to market faster.  We continue to invest in extending our multi-physics simulation capabilities for:-

•    Structural analysis – static, dynamic, impact

•    Analysis of composite material architectures and material properties

•    Analysis of composite forming processes (fibre draping, resin infusion, thermoplastic forming)

•    Analysis of joints, adhesives and fixings for composite-composite and composite-metal structures

•    Structural optimisation (linear and non-linear via LS-TASC and LS-OPT)

•    Simulation of occupant dynamics and injury criteria with regard to low mass vehicle structures

•    Rollover FE analysis of buses/coaches for R66 certification and Single Vehicle Approval (SVA)


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