axonautomotive vehicle design for lightness safety and low cost

The Axon team has a broad skill set across innovative materials development and volume manufacturing. The team’s experience includes:
Materials development and testing
4 PhDs in areas of study directly relevant to composite structures
Experience of designing cars and amphibious vehicles from a clean sheet of paper through to fully validated road going vehicles
Experimenting, modelling and testing full frames using industry leading Finite Element Analysis techniques
Operations Management
Running factories with up to 800 employees on the shop floor
Delivering high profile projects worth up to 200m
Running multi-site operations across two continents that shipped product to customers on every populated continent
Experience of driving improvements in distribution warehouses employing over 1,000 people
Composites Experience
Designed composites vehicles or structures for Aston Martin, Land Rover, BMW, and Caterham
Produced carbon fibre structures for McLaren (road cars), Hyundai and various Formula 1 teams

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