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Axon Automotive is a specialist vehicle manufacturer, producing ultra-light energy efficient vehicles for customers around the world. Axon is able to produce primary vehicle structures that weigh 50% less than conventional vehicles by using its internationally patented carbon fibre beam technology, Axontex™. Half mass makes Axon’s vehicle platform ideal to lower the cost of alternative powertrains and new fuels such as battery electric, hybrids, or, hydrogen power. 

STOP PRESS Axon Automotive, Westfield Sportscars and Advanced Innovative Engineering win funding from the Niche Vehicle Network to develop a new variant of Westfield's ST sportscar with a composite passenger cell and an advanced new rotary engine design.

Julian Turner, CEO of Westfield Sportscars, said “We are very excited to be able to bring this combination of technology into fun and affordable sports cars. This not only puts us at the leading edge of technology but also enables us to stay there as it provides a platform for our future vehicle development.”  . more

Axon’s whole vehicle design experience helps businesses win in the race to build new vehicle types. We have friendly and creative teams that provide rapid access to our unique technology, from design to turn-key factories in home markets Low capital expenditure creates new products affordably and profitably in this period of great change in the global car industry.

Westfield's new car

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